Arduino Skinny problem

I just purchased an arduino skinny from sparkfun but am having trouble getting it running... I usually use arduino with Flash via the GLUE AS3 class, that was not working so i started from the beginning with the simple LED pin 13 blink.. however this is the error i am receiving from it avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

I am using Arduino 10 IDE, have set it to Lilypad, and is not working.. any suggestions?

I'd ask Sparkfun for help.

Is there a reason to use Arduino 0010 and not 0011?

The owner of Sparkfun, Nathan, reads these boards, so he may also have an answer...


I think the problem is with the FTDI drivers, i disconnected the skinny while the FTDI chip was still plugged into the comp, and it gave me the same errors. Was using v 10 because i was having some problems with the AS class "Glue", for some reason the sketch that came with it wasnt working. Im an AS developer, and am still rather new to hardware like the arduino.. but i'm moving along, hopefully i can resolve the FTDI issue.. I'll post my progress. thanks guys!

My arduino Diecimila is working fine with my FTDI drivers… so i dunno, i tried it on a mac as well, arduino works fine… but for some reason skinny is not connecting with FTDI breakout board

The skinny does not have the latest auto software reset implemented as far as I can tell. If you go back to pressing reset before you upload it works fine for me.