Arduino Slimserver squeezecenter tcp/ip controller


I would like to make a remote control that will control the slimserver squeezecenter software from an Arduino board.

My idea is to make a remote control which will communicate directly with slimserver.

I have been thinking of using the arduino board so when I active each of the inputs the arduino board will send the software commands to the slimserver software and control it.

The only problem is I dont have much experiance with software and I'm not sure where to start.

slimserver is controlled by TCP/IP commands

But I dont know how to get the arduino to interface with the slimserver

Please can someone give me some tips on how I can get this working.



I've got lots of slim devices and have been running SqueezeCenter for years. The "CLI" interface is easy to use. But you need to use the normal TCP/IP socket protocols. You just need to open a socket connection to the proper port, and send the command. Read the response and you are done.

I assume that there is a simple socket library for the arduino, but I haven't got that far, yet.

You can test the commands from any computer's shell, windows CMD, linux, etc. Just use the "telnet" command to the host and port.