arduino small door opener closer with stop switches using rasberry pi android 4

hello there i am relatively new to the world of electronics but i need some help creating a arduino usb board that can open and shut a small vertical sliding door using a 3-6V DC Torque Gear Box Motor that stops when it hits the bottom and the top any help will be much appreciated. Cheers luke parker

Sounds feasible - which part are you having trouble with?

At the bottom of the below page are some reversing motor setups that use limit switches and diodes that allow for motor stop/reversing.

I am basically walking I to this blindfolded and looking to find someone willing to walk me through this what I'm creating is a chicken coop door which opens vertically with a small geared motor and I want to control it with my raspberry pi via its USB port. So what I'm looking for is a stackable solution based on a arduino USB board with limit switches for open and close.

Any help will be grately apreciated.

Luke Parker

Chicken coop:


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