Arduino + SmallTalk

Hi all,

I'm trying to do a program based on SmallTalk for upload sketches directly to a Diecimila board without Arduino's IDE. I got from this forum a java based code which parses the "hex" file generated by this software when a sketch is saved, and uploads it to the board (still needing Arduino's IDE, but it's a first step).

Now I'm "translating" this program to SmallTalk, and I'm having problems in communication with the board: it can receive data but I don't get response from it. Instead the java program works fine... basically before loading sketch it checks connectivity sending a byte array (0x30, 0x20) and verifying response, which can be 0x14 or 0x10.

I think the problem is the way I'm sending these "hello" bytes to board on SmallTalk. If anyone who also programs in this language and/or knows what I'm doing wrong I'd appreciate his help.

Thanks and regards!

I wonder if it would be easier to call avrdude from smalltalk and use the ICSP connector. It is also a much faster upload.

(* jcl *)

Can I use avrdude with SmallTalk?? How?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Most languages provide a way to call external programs. You will have to look in the SmallTalk documentation to see if and how this can be done.

(* jcl *)