Arduino smart thermostat

Hello folks
Me and my friends have a project. As you can understand from the topic it is smart thermostat which you can control it from your smart phone but it will be a product and will be sold in the market so we are thinking of using Arduino Nano or Uno, Esp8266 wifi module and this 433 mhz rf modules Diğer Bilgisayar Aksesuar & Yedek Parçaları - so we are not sure about stability of these tools because it is gonna be a product. I mean we are afraid of unexpected problems which may occur in longer term. Please fill me up Thanks

If you're worried about the tools, why not invest in Atmel-supported ones?

As i know these tools (wifi module,rf module) can be use with arduino. My question is are they good for mass production. For example can i use ESP8266 for let's say 2 years without any problem ? or that rf modules

You won't be using the tool for two years, unless you've got some FOTA mechanism.