Arduino smart watch possible problems

Hello everybody I want to make a watchduino lol so all I'm really worried about the animation icon and menus I need you more experience guys help me over this should I have to upgrade my permanent memory on the arduino and change it with a more space capable or can I add a micro SD card module and load all of the animations directly from there? (I'm talking about the animations for Oled display for the icons of the smart watch and other bitmap pictures).

I want this watch to control my home automation system (connection would be with bluetooth) and also connecting to my phone to show the messages and calls so I don't think so if I'll get enough space on the arduino that's why I'm asking here!

The other problem make me really nervous is the temperature of the board because the board is working 24 hours a day I've heard from some ppl it's ok and the arduino will live for almost 10 years but the only problem is the overheating problem is that right? Is it mainly only aspect for the arduino's life if yes how can I make my watch cool?!!!!!

Sorry I bored you :smiley: and Tnx for reading waiting for your great solutions and suggestions.

I think I put this topic in a wrong section mistakenly please move it to the right place Tnx.

Arduino & SD card for a watch? How big is your wrist? Even if you go down to the smallest package of the ATmega328 that’s still pretty bulky. You also need to add a decent battery to run that all, including your display.

To keep it cool is simple: make sure it doesn’t get hot, that’s all. And the only thing that in normal use can get hot is the regulator. So it’s a matter of proper circuit design, it’s really that simple.

Tnx for the reply but I’m not the pioneer in arduino watch if you take the time to take a look on YouTube you’ll see that there are even fully code and tutorials on this link:

Yes for sure I’m not going to wear an arduino mega :smiley: but I can use arduino nano instead with an old school Nokia battery my question was about the storage problem there are going to be animations on this watch as there are in the link I mentioned above.please help me through this decision.

Arduinos can read SD cards, and can address a display so there should be options for at least simple animations.

Just don't expect the Arduino to do much in the way of decompression/decoding or on-the-fly creation of animations. It can't hold that much software, and doesn't have that much processing power either.

An animation is not much more than a sequence of images, displayed one after another. Treat it as such.

Yes Tnx I’ve been working as an animator for years I’ll use bitmap not video format so no decompression or decoding will happen is there a small size SD card SD card that can be attached to the watch?this whole thing looks not that impossible but I’m worried about the temperature of the battery attached to the arduino I’ve heard it’s OK till 85 it correct?

Surfing the net I found this module :

DFPlayer Mini

It looks very promising specifically you can play songs with it which makes your arduino an real smart watch but I'm not sure if also lets arduino use the data inside SD card any one having a clue that it does?if not anyone knowing something similar to this mp3 support micro sd that also lets the data usage to arduino plz take a look at this module and tell me what I'm missing Tnx.

Arduino can read MicroSD cards directly, using the SPI interfaced. That's as small as it gets.

Max temperature for the Arduino's chip is indeed 85°C - there are 125°C versions available as well of the ATmega328. But at that temperature Li-ion batteries are likely to self-combust and explode and even without it you'll get burnt.

You are definitely right my phone has 8 core cpu and its battery says I'm 33 degrees how could even an arduino reach 85 I don't know what people say.
Did you mean :

As much as it's possible I just want the animation be on arduino storage let me explain more they are not sequence of images but they are just some icons and by some libraries you adjust their position that's how they work so they don't need a lot of bitmaps at all just 30,40 I think so do you think that will be enough for an arduino to handle it? (note that the oled is really small for a watch so the resolution)
I don't have an arduino here with me for a test if you have would you plz take a test or ask your friends who have done it about it Tnx man I really appreciate it

Your hardest part is going to be to squeeze the images in the 2 kB of RAM, together with all variables. May need a slightly bigger processor for that. I've never actually tried how far it can be pushed but that's what you have to work with. Other ATmega processors have more memory available.

Yes that wouldnt be so good you're right what was the solution to add sd card directly to arduino can I get a tutorial link or something from you please.

How about looking at the SD examples in the SD library?

Yeah you're right I thought its a trick or something Because every body uses a module for SD card what's the reason anyway?

People use modules because sockets are easier than soldering directly to the SD card pads.

Modules are great for prototyping / one-off projects / experiments.

When you have it working with modules and you know how everything should be connected you can move on to designing the PCB for your watch.

Sound like logical and great Tnx for the help wvmarle and AWOL you really helped me out.

I checked the
Nano wasn't in the supported list you guys sure it'll work without the module?

I just need about 10 mb or less so why would I use a micro sd can I use one of this instead on the nano??? :

Or Sth like that I found an awesome little tiny tiny module but I still think there are better and smaller solutions like eeprom but using that on the i2c bus will be a little hard and it just receives one byte at a time which is terrible to load the pictures any alternative you smart guys suggest me?would be great.

It's not the matter of being stingy :smiley: but I'm worried if the watch becomes too thick to wear and more importantly I'm about to run off pins I also need pins for the mp3 module and the Bluetooth (or) WiFi shield and the buttons of the watch which needs about 6 buttons BTW that'll be fine to make it work with analog output and the resistors use a pin for 6 buttons but I cant do this for the modules for sure so it's a matter of all these aspects that's why I'm asking some professionals otherwise I wouldn't waist your time again thank you.

I just need about 10 mb or less so why would I use a micro sd can I use one of this instead on the nano??? :

Because 32kB << 10 MB