Arduino Smartcard Shield (SMARTSHIELD)

The Arduino SMARTSHIELD connects your Arduino with smartcards. This allows the implementation of electronic payment systems and access control.

The Arduino shield SMARTSHIELD has two smartcard connectors: a standard ISO-7816 and a SIM that can be used for mounting a module SAM for authentication that allows to easily implement cryptographic functionality. A microcontroller generates the necessary signals for the proper functioning of smartcards and interfaces Arduino via the SPI port. To allow compatibility with other commercial shield, you can configure the address of SS pin using a jumper (pin 7/8/10). The reset button on the shield resets both the SMARTSHIELD and the Arduino board. On the shield are three diagnostic LEDs that provide information about smartcards presence and exchange data.

The libraries allow an Arduino board to control synchronous smartcards (SLE4442 protected memory cards) and asynchronous(CPU) smartcards by SMARTSHIELD shield.

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