Arduino SMS and SC


I haven’t been coding for a while so please forgive my question if it is obvious, but has there been a change to the Arduino SMS scd ?
I am trying to run some of my old code but none of it seems to work, not sure if it on the SC side, Arduino side…or more likely my coding side.

Just to let you know the SC is picking up everything via SMS when using the examples, but not my code.



Arduino Code:

#include “SimpleMessageSystem.h”

int mattPin = 2; // select the pin for the LED
int val6 = 0;

void setup() {

void loop() {
val6 = digitalRead(mattPin);


SC code:

m = ArduinoSMS("/dev/tty.usbserial-A4001nK8", 115200);
m.action = { |… msg| ~mousse=msg; };

~mmm =
Routine { {

Still trying at this and I seem to be getting a bit closer.

There seems to be a problem sending from Arduino and SC. the Serial monitor is picking up all of the values that i put through "messageSendInt" but SC just keeps posting out "nil"

any ideas, or maybe some details on what exactly "messageSendInt" does, i have been searching online but found nothing so far.... ???


I am still having problems with the SMS side but I figured that I would give the SerialPort side another try.

I am having problems there too, when evaluating anything after opening the SerialPort in SC, it closes the SerialPort. I have tried having Arduino and SC open at different times, but the problems still occurs.

Also when I do manage to get the SerialPort to stay open, the SerialPort doesn't seem to be sending correct values. I have set it up to print both on the Arduino and SC side, but they are both omitting values....

Weird as the code that I am evaluating is code that worked perfectly a few months ago.

Any ideas?

Thanks, robyn