Arduino SMS sending, Bluetooth communication, accelerometer use & timer routine.

Good evening, I have experience with microcontroller Assembly and C programming, but I am completely new to Arduino, and have a reduced amount of time to give answer for this. I could spend time looking for information from all kind of sources (which I am doing), but I am posting this here to get info as quick as possible.

These are the two crucial points I need to get info about.

1.- In this project, the Arduino is the Arduino Mega2560 The first thing I need to know what do I need to perform a communication via text message with a cellphone when an event occurs. Which board can I use to connect to the MEGA 2560, what examples can I see to make this communication?.

2.- The project will need to have a timer, which can be counting up to some hours, say maybe 4 or 5 max. What are the memory capabilities of the MEGA2560 for storing this type of variable for max values? I checked the libraries in the site and I haven’t seen yet this kind. I would like to know about some routine examples for this, if there are any.

About the other points.

I need to communicate via bluetooh with an android app, which will give the inputs for the program, I already have the bluetooth RN 42 datasheet which is the one I am going to be using, and found some information about its configuration, so I know it can be done and won’t take long. However any other generic (becuase I don’t have any written code or test run) info will be appreciated. Also, I will be using the MMA7361 accelerometer, already havve the datasheet and some examples, but again any generic info will be appreaciated.