Arduino , snes controller and port 0,1,2


I'm trying to interface snes controller using the playground library dedicated to this.

Everthing works fine since I try to change port 2,3,4 (latch , clock data) to port digital I/O port 0,1,2. (I've change the code)

Why digital port 0 and 1 don't act like others ?

I'm running out of port for my project so I need to use port 0 and 1.

If you have any idea , feel free to help me ;)


(sorry for my english :-X)

D0 and D1 are for serial communication. They can be used for Digital I/O ports but you can't be using the serial communication for anything. Now if you have any of the analog pins available they can be used as digital I/O pins. They are pins 14- 19.

How about some more information on the project? What all do you have interfaced with the Arduino? There are always other options for connecting things to the arduino. Plus there are methods to use other ICs to extend the number of available I/Os.

Thanks for the fast reply !

My project is an aquarium computer.

I have already interfaced : - 16x2 LCD with 3 wires (using a 74hc595) - RTC DS1307 to provide realtime fonction - cd4021 for having more sensor input (water level ...) - one 74hc595 for controlling high voltage (pump , neon light, cooler ..) - snes pad for lcd menu control.

I'have tried to interface eeprom for setup data saving , but no result :-/

everything works fine and I also have interface the arduino with php through serial communication to have online view and control of my tank. I can check temperature , output and input states and force them (stopping pump , light , heating...)