Arduino socket server problem with PuTTY connection

I'm running an example Arduino Ethernet WebServer sketch, and it runs just fine when I connect with a browser. When I looked at the example sketch code, it seemed like I should be able to open a raw socket with PuTTY to the same IP address and TCP port (80), but it doesn't work. After 10 seconds, PuTTY exits with "closed connection". I tried another server example, but Putty could not connect to that either.

Has anyone been successful using PuTTY as an interface to an Arduino socket server? I'm using the Teensy 3.1 as TeensyDuino.

I've used Putty many times before for this purpose, but using it with Windows-based servers I've written. This is my first time with Arduino. Is there something about PuTTY connection timing that messes up the Arduino server code?

Solved. I had a typo in the PuTTY IP address! Dumb!