Arduino software and tiny13


Is it possible to compile source code with the Arduino software for a Tiny13 and program via the ISP?

How can I select a diffarant Atmel in the ARDUINO software,there is a list of pcb's but the

prosessor is pre-defined and cannot be changed.

Does the ARDUINO software only support the chips on the ARDUINO pcb's ????

Please help.


The Arduino IDE comes with one hardware package installed, Arduino AVR Boards. This package provides support for the standard AVR-based Arduino boards. The Arduino IDE also allows people to easily add support for any other hardware. Luckily someone has been kind enough to put together a very nice hardware package for the ATtiny13:


What must I do with the files in the link,how do i make it part of ARDUINO?

How do I then select TINY13 in the ARDUINO software?

Is there a HOW TO tutorial for ARDUINO?

There is extensive documentation at the link I provided. Take some time to read it and then if you have any troubles come back here and I'll help you out. You need to understand that working with the ATtiny13 is going to be more advanced than using a common Arduino board such as one based on the ATmega328P. You can certainly do it and MicroCore makes it as easy as possible but if you're not even willing to read some extremely clear installation instructions you might as well just give up on your plan to use ATtiny13 now because you're going to need to make a lot more of an effort than that once you start trying to do anything relatively advanced with this chip.

Thanks again.

Sorry for the previous stupid question..i never scrolled down on the page.