arduino software does not support [fully] dvorak key layout


i use dvorak for my layout [i suggest others adopt it as well as its just better ;)] but the arduino software does not fully support the layout. a particular thing in question is the 'comment out' shortcut. this on mac is 'cmd-/'. but this does not work, it just indents the text, & you cant use the QWERTY version as thats the 'Z' key.

can this be looked at at all, as its feels like it slows down processes, not just for myself, but for other users. though, if you know of a work around, thats fine. i can still comment out using the toolbar, but a shortcut is just that, a shortcut. i double checked [just incase] on my ide workspaces, & it works on them with the same layout.

*oooh, & if its weird & OS specific or something silly, im on mountain lion

I would suggest it has nothing to do with the arduino but has to do with the keyboard driver you have in your Mac.

its weird because im running this off of a laptop, with no external keyboard. ill look into this a bit further cheers