Arduino software does not work at all afte connecting the Arduino UNO R3 board .

Arduino software does not work at all after connecting the Arduino UNO R3 board to my computer.


Post screenshot from Device Manager and, if present, detailed information about the device, mainly Hardware ID


spycatcher2k: What the hell has that to do with the IDE not working?

Guessing Windows. So I can see if there is a device connected, if driver is correctly installed, etc.



spycatcher2k: Always work with FACTS, you will save yourself a lot of work with some the people who post here! :)

So true. So true. LOL.

The OP apparently believes "does not work" means something, but it is useless to us since we are not at his computer with him.


pittsville: If you are trying to use the IDE with Windows 10 it is never going to work no matter what you do.

This after your previous post, I'm starting to think you're trolling. Either that or just spreading misinformation. Either way, stop it!!!

If you're having a problem then start a new thread with a detailed description and we'll help you out.


spycatcher2k: Eh! - We have 10 PCs all running windows 10, and the Arduino IDE runs without issue!

Then you must be doing something wrong :D