arduino software doesn't work on windows 7 ?


i just bought a arduino for school but i can’t install the program from the site.
i download it then unzipt it clicked the .exe the splash screen comes but than nothing happens.
i’m running windows 7 (64bit) a quad core (2.33GHz) 4 GB of RAM
i even reinstalled java but that also didn’t work out.
downloaded the previous version didn’t work either.

anyone got a idee how to fix this ?


Hi Bartjeu,

welcome, I'm running a similar config [WIN 7 64bit Dual Core]

If you plugin the Arduino does win7 pop up a new comport? did you install the right driver? - What Arduino do you have an UNO or an Duemilanove?

did you check -

hi when i plugged it in it said new hardware found then i installed the drivers and now i doesn't say that anymore i'm using the arduino UNO i think i installed the right driver because my computer detects it as a arduino UNO and i did check the troubleshoot first, but could't find anything

As the splash screen comes up that means Java is running. Can you see it in the taskmanager?

when i start the program i can see java and arduino processes but they immediately disappears again

Can you run other java applications?

yes i downloaded a program that runs on java so it is working

You have admin permissions on the PC when installing the Arduino SW?

yes i am the only user and i do have the administrator rights but when i open it with or without the administrator rights i only see the splashscreen

I have just recently started working with the Arduino Uno myself on Windows 7 / 64 bit and at first I had trouble getting everything to take off and fly too. I went to the Arduino Home page and downloaded the 0022 version for Windows 7 and even after that there where hang ups. I would indicate new found hardware but would not load up. I went to device manager and now that it has been several days since I started working with this, my memory fails me on how I finally got the program to load up, it seem to me that my computer opened ' the software may not have installed correctly ' and asked to send an error report to Microsoft and was searching for a solution to the problem, I have had a lot of that lately. One thing that I do remember is that my open task in the tool bar got closed by some action that I don't think I did and I had more troubles reopening Arduino files. I just kept going to any and every link and working through the device and task managers until I found the one that opened the program and now I make sure that I don't close it out, only minimize it. I will go back and retrace my tracks to see if I can get my system to repeat what yours is doing, when I did finally get my program to load and communicate, I got an automatic, Com-port 4 and I can verify that Windows 7 will run your Arduino, but you may not be able to get the sketch page to load like everyone else's on screen display, at least I have not gotten it to yet. The sketch is all in one long string at the top of the page, which makes it hard to view and review what you load into the program. I have added a post about this else where but if anyone has had this happen to them. Here is another bit of info, First I must ask if you got the book getting started with Arduino? If so, where is tells about installing the program onto the hard drive, all the instructions are for XP or Vista, there are not instruction for Windows 7 period! It will not load up the same way as in older OS's. Windows 7 is different in Device Manager files. If you do have the book, go to the trouble shooting chapter in the back and follow the instructions up to the part on setting the com-port, you should get a low number somewhere in between 3 and 7, I got 4, do this before you connect the USB cable to the Arduino and make sure the Baud rate is 9600, (default setting) like I said earlier, it may take a little key tapping to find the right sequence but when you do, you will get the right window open and get to the next step in installing and connecting, that means communicating with Arduino also, once the window opens that tells you to connect the Arduino you are set to go. I have to tell you that it states in the manual in the trouble shooting section that you may have problems using Arduino IDE, particularly on Windows! They should tell you these things before you give up your money! And they should print more and better instructions. I had my doubts whether I could run Arduino on 7 before I spent any money, but decided to chance it and got lucky, I have lots of old programs I use to run on XP and now they are useless to me on this computer, what to do? I have a New/Old HP Printer that should print both sides of the page but won't work with Windows 7

Ah, my eyes! If you want people to help you, perhaps add a few paragraphs.

I don’t normally use Windows 7 (perhaps you see why) but I managed to upload a sketch using it. It wasn’t easy. Must be all that new “user friendly” stuff they added.

Initially it said there was a problem adding the device driver (like you said “the software may not have installed correctly”) so I tried to install it. You certainly had to fight the operating system to do that. Eventually I managed, but it was not easy. You should be able to see under “Devices and printers” (isn’t the printer a device?) something like in the attached screenshot.

Then make sure you have the right COM port selected in the Arduino IDE (in my example, COM3) and it should work.

If so, where is tells about installing the program onto the hard drive, all the instructions are for XP or Vista, there are not instruction for Windows 7 period!

Perhaps the book was written before Windows 7 came out? Perhaps the author did not want to spend hundreds of dollars buying it?


I have first edition copy write 09. Yes, you have to fight the OS to get Arduino loaded, it says that in the book! I have read other posts from members tonight about the same issue, most indicate that Windows 7 will automatically select Comport 4 once you get past the road block to installing program into Windows 7. Like you say, user friendly? Sometimes yes more times No! Have my old desktop tower with XP still, it will become my main system for the work bench soon as I get it debugged, spent much time in computer shop and still did not get fixed! As they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself! I have learned much since then and still need to learn volumes, that system was my first functional computer and I assembled it myself from parts. I have a several of other computers with Windows 9X, ME, XP desktop and laptop, someday I will have one with multiple OS's and would like to have MAC system too, maybe then I would not have to fight with getting programs to run when Micro soft decides to improve.

there are not instruction for Windows 7 period!

Don't know the 7 period version ;)

check -

Installing drivers for the Arduino Uno with Windows7, Vista, or XP: _ * Plug in your board and wait for Windows to begin it's driver installation process. After a few moments, the process will fail, despite its best efforts_ _ * Click on the Start Menu, and open up the Control Panel._ _ * While in the Control Panel, navigate to System and Security. Next, click on System. Once the System window is up, open the Device Manager._ _ * Look under Ports (COM & LPT). You should see an open port named "Arduino UNO (COMxx)"_ _ * Right click on the "Arduino UNO (COmxx)" port and choose the "Update Driver Software" option._ _ * Next, choose the "Browse my computer for Driver software" option._ _ * Finally, navigate to and select the Uno's driver file, named "ArduinoUNO.inf", located in the "Drivers" folder of the Arduino Software download (not the "FTDI USB Drivers" sub-directory)._ _ * Windows will finish up the driver installation from there._ See also: step-by-step screenshots for installing the Uno under Windows XP. Installing drivers for the Arduino Duemilanove, Nano, or Diecimila with Windows7, Vista, or XP: When you connect the board, Windows should initiate the driver installation process (if you haven't used the computer with an Arduino board before). On Windows Vista, the driver should be automatically downloaded and installed. (Really, it works!) On Windows XP, the Add New Hardware wizard will open: _ * When asked Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software? select No, not this time. Click next._ _ * Select Install from a list or specified location (Advanced) and click next._ _ * Make sure that Search for the best driver in these locations is checked; uncheck Search removable media; check Include this location in the search and browse to the drivers/FTDI USB Drivers directory of the Arduino distribution. (The latest version of the drivers can be found on the FTDI website.) Click next._ _ * The wizard will search for the driver and then tell you that a "USB Serial Converter" was found. Click finish._ _ * The new hardware wizard will appear again. Go through the same steps and select the same options and location to search. This time, a "USB Serial Port" will be found._ You can check that the drivers have been installed by opening the Windows Device Mananger (in the Hardware tab of System control panel). Look for a "USB Serial Port" in the Ports section; that's the Arduino board.

first of tnx for the reply’s :slight_smile:
second my computer see’s the arduino (see screenshot) so i think it is some kind of a software problem
i tried the compatibility mode on windows xp (servicepack 3) didn’t work either
i really have no idea what to do right now so all suggestions are welcome

screenshot arduino.png

Bartjeu: i download it then unzipt it clicked the .exe the splash screen comes but than nothing happens. i'm running windows 7 (64bit) a quad core (2.33GHz) 4 GB of RAM

Try opening a "command" window (DOS prompt). Navigate to wherever you put Arduino.exe.

Then run arduino.exe from the command prompt. Note any error messages you might see.

i’m not entirely sure or this is what you meant but i have made a screenshot of it.
i tried it with 2 techniques with the administrator rights from the start menu and with the shift key right click and then open command window here.
both without success, i’m not getting back any kind of error just the splashscreen and then nothing.

command window screenshot.png

I'm not sure what to try next. Maybe someone else has seen this?

Try running Windows Update, make sure you have the latest ... stuff.

Try making a new user, and running logged in as that new user. Try giving the new user administrative rights.

If you have anti-virus, try turning that off (at least long enough to test).

It is very strange, running win7 64 bit too, without a problem (except for the n bugs in my progs).

Could you check windows application log, security log a.o. for messages? to be found under start-> computer ->(right mouse) manage -> ...

i don't think it's a update problem (although when you asked me about the updates my computer has some issues with installing updates) i completely removed my antivirus still the same

about the logs: i have no idea what to look for, isn't there a option that i can save them somehow and send them to you?

the update problems have been fixed now arduino program still doesn't work

Did you try making the new user? With administrative rights?

Also my last grasp at straws is to suggest updating Java, since Arduino IDE uses it. How, I'm not totally sure.