Arduino software menus freeze in win7


my problem is that arduino software (IDE?) freezes after some seconds after I go to the menus. Problem arises if I use mouse or keyboard to navigate in menus. Software itself works fine and lets me write code and upload it succesfully to hardware. Usually after freezing arduino software, also windows freezes and comes alive by pressing ctrl+alt+del.

I am using Windows 7 ultimate and arduino version 022.

Do you have any ideas what could cause my problems. Arduino software works nicely on my laptop with WinXP but not with my desk top PC with Win7. Freezing happens with and without arduino board connected to USB cable.

I have the same issue in win7, but it does not hinder the programs functionality. For example I click tools, and you have to wait a good 3-5 secs then the menu pops up and performs normally. I just deal with it, its not often im in the menus anyhow.