arduino software on fedora 10

i m using fedora 10 system . In arduino ide the serial port is disabled under the tool menu. How to enable and select the serial port. Everything is working properly except the serial port.

My first suggestion would be to upgrade; F10 is no longer officially unsupported by the Fedora Project, and you won't be getting bug or security fixes at this point.

That being said, it sounds like RXTX wasn't able to load correctly. A few questions: - Did you follow the instructions for getting up and running on Fedora? - When you run the program from the command line, does it produce any output? If so, can you attach it?

  1. Check to make sure the /dev/ttyUSBx device appears when you plug in the board. If it doesn't, either the board or cable are bad (does the green LED illuminate?) or you don't have the ftdi drivers. If the latter, execute as root:
modprobe ftdi_sio
  1. Make sure your user is in the uucp and dialout groups.

how can i install ftdi drivers ? sudo ftdi_sio is not working

sudo ftdi_sio is not working

Is that the message that the command displays when you try to run it?

"Nope, I'm not working for you today!".

Log in as root and execute “modprobe ftdi_sio” or execute “sudo modprobe ftdi_sio” from an ordinary user account.