Arduino software

Arduino software does not work on my window pc. I have downloaded it at least 10 times and installed it but i will not ever open. anyone else had this problem?

Which version of the IDE ?

Also more detail please.

You are not giving anyone much to go on to help you. Detail is everything.

What happens when you try run the IDE ? How did you install it ? Do you see any types of error messages and exactly what do they say ? etc etc etc

Also important: the (version of the) operating system ;)

Above questions are important. Also

Did you previously have another version of the IDE installed?

I am running windows 7 pro with the most recent IDE. It acts like it wants to open but it never completes. I do not have an older version of the IDE. I am new to the arduino world. Each time I try to install I have uninstalled also. So Im clueless. I got an error on time but dont remember what it said because I closed it to fast

I believe there is a missing path somewhere that isnt letting me open it

You can get some more information on the problem that's happening by running arduino_debug.exe from the command line.

One thing you might try is to run the IDE in portable mode. You can do this by creating a folder named portable in the Arduino IDE installation folder. This would help if the IDE is unable to write to the standard location of Arduino15 folder as it will create that folder in the portable folder instead.