How can i use all these objects. How can i connect them?

References are:

Thanks for any help!!!

WHat is the goal of your project? That you explain a bit more ...

My Italian is too bad to understand the website, sorry.

  • these are boards which were used on an old robot kit called "Cybot". How the circuit works is explained in the pages you provided links to. You need to study the other circuits on these pages as well because these "pure" ultrasound board of the Cybot is not operational without additional circuitry (see below).

Anyway - it worked quite well with the Cybot avoiding that the like robot bumped into things.

While these circuits feature a rather interesting design, I would recommend using instead one of the readily available ultrasound distance units - some of them feature even serial or I2C connectivity which makes interfacing them to an Arduino rather painless. These sensors either give you the distance directly in cm or inch, or a digital pulse which duration is proportional to the distance measured.

If you want to use the old Cybot design anyway, I'd suggest studying the linked circuit diagrams in detail. You will need to design a board creating the "ping" for the ultrasound transmitter, as the circuit you linked to is only the receiving part.

As far as I remember, in the original Cybot design the transceivers were driven by a PIC which was also doing the processing. It was claimed that the sensors were able to distinguish between near and far objects, but from the circuit I would rather judge that they are just giving out a binary "something is closeby"-signal. Again, I would rather go for a newer design.

For starting, i want use the sonar i/o card and the 4 ultrasonic sensor (2 tx and 2 rx) with arduino UNO. How can i connect them? Can you view in Fritzing project? Or simple scheme of this mini project? Thanks!!!

hmmm - I thought that I indicated that the solution you are searching for requires some additional, not so trivial work both hardware- and software-wise, and that you are better off by using standard ultrasonic sensors which have been described extensively on Arduino's playground and many other places on the web. These new sensors are easier to use and will give you much better results than the old Cybot-stuff.

For that reason, frankly, I doubt you will find anybody here willing to study the schematics of this old stuff and come up with a solution for you. Also, from experience, I also doubt that the WWW will be of any further help to you with this old circuitry - you have already found most references to the Cybot hardware.

So.... - guess you are on your own on that journey from that point on.... ;)

Ok I am 8 years too late, but maybe someone will be interested again one day ...

A couple of years ago I started a project to replace the Cybot's processor(s) with an Arduino, without modifying the hardware (apart from rewiring the interconnections) or adding more sensors etc - basically aiming for a drop in replacement for the processor(s).

I started with the Sonar end of things as that looked like the tricky part to cope with, and did manage to get an operational sonar system going. Basically the Arduino UNO generates the 40kHz pulses and uses an interrupt driven routine to keep track of pending collisions.

The two problems I had are that the Cybot's sensors face forward at an angle and it is difficult to detect something right in front, and the hardware doesn't provide any feedback about motion, so I did not know when it was stalled (eg jammed up against an edge)

A work in progress, but maybe some ideas for others that want to reuse this hardware, more details and code at .

Although there are other, much simpler to use, ultrasonic ranging systems, this one is interesting in that there is a greater wealth of data available than how far the nearest object is ... but this is as far as I've got, maybe in another 8 years ...