Hi all!

I am very very new to the arduino. However, I am working on a product design that partially requires sound control and research showed me that an arduino can make it? Is that right? The product requires a person to turn on a very simple light circuit by voice.

I have a few questions, assuming it is possible. How difficult is it? Is it something that a (very) beginner can do. I've looked up the basics of what an arduino is and I know basic coding so even if I have to figure things it out, would it be possible?

Can someone tell me how to do it (step by step) or give me a link? I have researched online but all the methods seem to require additional (expensive) materials that I would not like to buy. Is it possible that I can program this without much extra materials?

In additional, this will not be connected to an electronic device, iphone, ipad (etc). Is that possible?

Any other advice, about this specific project or arduino itself...what arduino do I need for this?

I am sorry if this question seems obvious, foolish even, but this is the last component to my project and I would love to get it done.

'By voice'

By voice command - ie the arduino distinguishes speech ?

Or by a (simpler) temporal ordering/threshold on an audio signals amplitude (envelope follower) - eg 'double clap to go!' ?