Arduino: Sound Input to Light Output

Hello everyone!
I’m a Product design student at the Edinburgh College of Art (UK) and I have an show coming up soon!

I am wanting to create a string instrument ( Which is integrated ina wooden framed cube) in which I would like the Arduino chip pick up the vibrations by the use of a Guitar pickup.

I would the like the Arduino to translate the pitch and volume to different colours on RGB LED strips (12 Strips Total)
The pitch or key would be translated into different colours which are preassigned or it can be random.
The Volume would be translated into LED brightness.

So you play these strings and different colours will fade in or out on the RGB LED strips.

If anyone knows:
What RGB LED Strips to get
What coding to use for the Arduino
Anything else I need to get to make this Possible!

Thanks !!! Time is running out!!!

Please don’t cross-post.

Sorry didn’t know, Just am panicking!

Thanks !!! Time is running out!!!

I hate to rain on your parade (and deadline) but asking the Arduino to extract frequency and amplitude information from a magnetic pick-up is probably not practical if even possible at all. There would be external amplification needed for the pick-up and processing frequency information from an analog input on a Arduino is no easy task if even possible.


Ok. Right. So is there any way that I can get the Arduino to change the lights or colour with any audio imput ?
i.e. Any noise made will cause it to react randomly?

Any suggestions are great!