Arduino Sound Sensor Issues

Over the course of several days we've been trying to create a useable sound sensor with a "Sound sensor VMA309", but it doesn't work. Our original plan was to use Analog readings to find decibel levels, but it became to problematic, so we decided to go with a digital solution instead.
We tried tweaking the sensors sensitivity, but to more or less no avail.
There's a LED on the sound sensor chip, and it lights up when it detects sound. Using this we tried to lower the limit of when it would light up by adjusting the sensitivity, but we were'nt able to lower it enough ot measure any relevant levels.
We tried troubleshooting a bit by making sounds and using a decibel-measuring app (NoiceExposure) on a phone, but the levels required to make the LED light up seems to be from around 95 decibls and upwards.

Does anyone know what we could do to make it react to lower decibel-values?

Sincerely, a devoted team doing this for a school project.

Our original plan was to use Analog readings to find decibel levels, but it became to problematic, so we decided to go with a digital solution instead.

Can you explain these problems in more detail?

I’m missing the link to the hardware you’re using, there are different modules of this name on the market. According to the specs on the internet this module has an input range of 48-66dB.

Please provide a wiring diagram of your setup.

Okay. Our problem was that when we attempted to get analog values, the sensor wasn't reacting to any noise inputs, such as screaming or clapping. The Arduino seemed to be stuck on different value-ranges each time we tried to use the sensor, I.E. 569-571. These values didn't respond to any noise we made.
We tried to add a resistor(100k) in our circuit, connected to the pin sending the data to the Arduino (analog), but it didn't really help. The analog values still didn't respond to any noise we made and the values differed each time we booted the setup up.
What did however work better was to use a digital solution where we tried to make a LED light up if it detected any sound over a said threshold down. We tried to make the threshold go low enough to make it usable for our project (55-60 ish decibels), but we couldn't get it to react to any values less than about 65 decibels. Our sensor light flashed at that value, but our led didn't.
It is to be noted that we've been changing the sensitivity of the sensor by twisting the screw-like thing on the sensor.

This is the code we used:

This is the wiring we used:

Here is the code:

Here is the wiring:

Here is the code:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Here is the wiring:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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You really need to find a data sheet for the board. Since nothing you tried produced an analog signal, one would believe it only produces a digital signal when a sound is greater than the level set by the 10-turn control.