Arduino Sparkfun lte cat m1/NB-IoT Shield

I am trying to send a hologram message to the server. I have already tried to recieve data from the holoram server and it worked. Now I try to send a message with my arduino uno board and the lte shield which is connected to the arduino uno board.
I have already connected to the network and it works

I send an UDP packed to the server from my arduino uno board but I can’t see the message on the dashboard after I have send it. You can see the example I use in the attachements. I have changed LTE_SHIELD_TCP to LTE_SHIELD_UDP. that way it’s able to send but I never recieve the json message on the hologram server.
I was using this guide: LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT Shield Hookup Guide -

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

02_TCP_Send_Hologram.ino (3.53 KB)

why does it not work and why does nobody know why?

You could check the troubleshooting section; and also check again those steps, perhaps you missed something.
You could also try to connect with the support from sparkfun; they might be more of a help