Arduino spi not working

hi there. I have a mega168 chip i've bootloaded. works fine, but no spi. Is there a way to enable this? if i pull the chip out of my arduino board and use it in my new circuit everything works fine. For some reason the atmega168 chip i purchased and bootloaded won't do spi. I placed it in my arduino board with same results so it is definitely the chip. Any ideas? (ive tried it with a second purchased chip with same results)

Which board? One generatino of the NG with an LED on pin 13 had a problem; check out this thread.

You can try getting the signals off the ICSP header to see if it helps.


hi thanks for the response. it seems that it's the chip itself. i have 2 of them breadboarded-not using an arduino. both have no spi. the chip that came with my decimillia works though if i pull it out and place it in my breadboarded circuit. weird.

yeah, very weird. Could you have possibly damaged a pin?

Not sure, is there some fuse settings that would cause it to exhibit this behavior?