Arduino spray painting

Hi everyone,
I am new to electronics and microcontrollers, I know how to program and I work with software. Hope I am in the right place to ask these type of question.
I have a school project in 6 weeks and I propose to create an Arduino spray painting.
I don't know what components I should use. I think that I am going to use a joystick to handle the input. I am struggling with the "pump" to spit paint and the nuzzles, and how to control the tripod.
I don't know where to start. Help

Due in two weeks, or it begins in two weeks? That's a complicated project for such a short time. I would use something that would hold and press the button on a spray can, rather than trying to connect a spray gun. There you need paint cup, siphon, compressed air etc.

Think safety. Spray paint in the eyes could permanently damage someone's vision.

Look at how pan and tilt heads for cameras are made and how they work. Should not be real hard to adapt to joystick control.

I'm thinking an airbrush.

The opposite "go big" approach could work, too. A nozzle hung by a pair of cables/cords off to the left and right, motors to retract/extend the cords to move the nozzle around. Either steppers, or just a couple of regular motors geared down and a rotary encoder on a pulley to measure the position of the motors.

For a safe school project, a garden hose spraying water on a wall might be good enough.

Neither the build nor the code are trivial, however.

Thanks. I am not sure between the two tilt head what should I get


Pan/Tilt per servo 9 grammi.

I am thinking to get an 11 kg servo, just in case the pressure of the paint is high.

An airbrush is a fantastic idea, but don't know what are the right pieces.

I have a school project in two weeks and I propose to create an Arduino spray painting.

Even if you already have all the hardware assembled I think this is too ambitious for completion within 2 weeks

The big disadvantage of an airbrush (after the price) is the need to clean it meticulously after every use.

What about making a drawing robot that uses a coloured marker. I think there are several websites with details for how to make them with servos for the motion.


Parallel or serial?


you don't need the tripod to move. set the tripod as a base.
here is my approach for tripod moving mechanism

  • mount y-axis servo on top of tripod (pitch movement)
  • mount x-axis servo on top of y-axis servo (yaw movement)
  • mount spray paint on top of x-axis servo

You've already lost two days. Pick an easier project.

Please comment only if you have good documented and interesting info to share. Thanks

Welcome to the forum.
google arduino joystick control

Try this link;

Tom.... :slight_smile:

6 weeks?

IMO... the code is not that hard.. its the mechanical part that is going to need the serious attention here..

once you have a system that moves, x, y (do you need z as well?)... and an idea on how to press the spray paint can 'top'.. then rest is just simple code... (which might take a bit more time to 'dial in' to make specific works of recognizable art)

Hi all, How can I reproduce the thing below?
I thought to get:
a camera tripod, two servos, a pan/tilt for the movement
a joystick to control the tripod
But can't figure out how to spraypaint, should I reproduce an airbrush compressor? or what? I don't want to use a spray can.

You should have referenced your prior post on the subject so that we do not cover the same ground again (time wasting redundancy).

I don't think an Arduino would make a good paint sprayer.

I think that what you need to spray paint is a pump of some kind. If it is an electrical pump, you could use an Arduino and a MOSFET to turn the pump on and off.

John, he wants to control a gimbal with a joystick- what's attached to the gimbal is irrelevant.

I have no clue what a camera turret is.

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John, he wants to control a gimbal with a joystick- what's attached to the gimbal is irrelevant.

He specifically said: "But can't figure out how to spraypaint, should I reproduce an airbrush compressor? or what?" I took that to mean the topic "Arduino spray painting" meant "I want to control paint spraying with an Arduino."

If he doesn't even know how he is going to control the spray, let alone point it, there is no way in he** that he will complete the project in two weeks.

Two months, maybe.