Arduino Spritz Cipher

How to use Arduino Spritz Cipher after uploading into arduino uno board? Where should I upload it? Whether in Tx or Rx

p/s : I use two arduino boards which are one acts as Tx and other Rx

I found no changes after i uploading all the .ino files exapmle

keywords.txt (755 Bytes)

SpritzCipher.c (15.6 KB)

SpritzCipher.h (9.76 KB)


Arduino SpritzCipher library is an encryption library ... a data processing library, NOT communication library.

Arduino SpritzCipher can be used to encrypt secret/important data with a key/password, and can be used to generate random keys or passwords and other functions ...

ArduinoSpritzCipher library GitHub repository (It has a usage manual).