Arduino SRF08 rangefinder and servomotor problem


I’m new to the forum, I’m not sure this is the right place to ask for help, but I’ll give it a go.

I’m trying to build an arduino robot with servos and a range finder.

I ran into problems when connecting SRF08 rangefinder and HS-434BB servo motor to the arduino.

If the servo is connected when the arduino is booted, rangefinder cannot find its first range.

If the servo is not connected when arduino is booted rangefinder starts to find ranges and if servo is then connected both work fine at the same time for a while and then suddenly stop. Curious is that if I then boot the arduino, they often start working even though servo was connected.

It is like the servo interferes the rangefinder, but it only does so if rangefinder hasn’t done it’s first rangefind.

As attachments there is a picture of the electronics and the source code.


code.txt (2.56 KB)

Don’t power your servo from the Arduino - use a separate supply, but don’t forget to connect the grounds.

Thank you.

It fixed the problem. So the servo was using too much power from the arduino?