Arduino stackable GSM/GPRS/GPS shield

I have been struggling with a MakerFabs shield for over 2 weeks and think it's time to look at another shield board. You can see my struggles here:

Project goals and wish-list:

  • Remote hazard warning system M2M Iot
  • Send-only communication
  • Get GPS location convert to ASCII lat-long format suitable for general use (Google maps)
  • Send ASCII location data and hazard message as both SMS and EMAIL over cellular network (wifi will likely not be available in many deployment locations)
  • Powered down completely for long periods of time, only power up during hazardous situation or maintenance activities.
  • Sketch code examples known to work on Arduino IDE 1.8.x
  • Thorough, knowledgeable support from the manufacturer
  • Included libraries well documented and proven
  • Shield must have the header pins to stack on top of Arduino UNO (no soldering)
  • High performance antennas with leader wire for off-board mounting included

What shield board can you recommend that will best support the above project?

Thank you Donald Casteel - Threshold Engineering USA

I forgot one requirement, the shield profile must fit within the same footprint as the Arduino UNO

Do you have a preferred module? For example for a SIM808 GPS/GSM/GPRS try:

Looks like $25 to $30 is a typical price.

I will check the link you provided, but wanted to answer your questions first.

I don't have a preferred module, The only reason I got the A7 was because it has GPS as well as GSM/GPRS.

I'm really looking for a (real)shield that is a robust implementation with reliable coding examples and professional technical support.

I an an experienced programmer and product engineer, but this is my first project requiring a micro-controller and M2M cellular communication.

I'm building a prototype of a device I designed for a client and have the mechanical part completed and working, I had been asked to develop the controls, and used Arduino to control the mechanics.

The client has now asked if I could develop the communication part as well. That is a stretch beyond my experience, but well within my capabilities.

Thank you for your interest and support


ThresholdEngineering: I'm really looking for a (real) shield that is a robust implementation with reliable coding examples and professional technical support.

Oh. Forget eBay and AliExpress and probably Amazon. One problem is that Arduino isn't really a robust, professional development platform with technical support. That's why you are stuck with us. :) seems to have a reasonable amount of support for their SIM808 shield:

TinySine SIM5320 modules. However most of your requirements aren’t part of the modem spec, unless you ditch the Arduino, and write code directly into the modem chipset. e.g.Python etc supported by the modem.