Arduino stand alone issues

Hi All,

Facing a icky problem here, I am working on a small prototype for which I want a standalone atmega chip ( working with atmega8-pu). I am working off of this →

Everything looks fine to me but the led ( 13 pin) is not blinking as it should. The chip is right its working as expected in the board. Both LEDs are fine ( interchanged them as well). In the attached image yellow led is for power and red one is attached to 13 pin. Voltage regulator is 7 V, power is given to board via 8V adapter.
Any recommendations plz?


Voltage regulator is 7 V

Really? Max voltage to be used is 6V, 5V is recommended. With 7V, you have killed the chip.

Sorry that was my type its 5 v alright. But just to ensure chip is correct I replaced the chip with the one in my arduino and its blinking the 13 led correctly. I also tried powering the board with arduino itself but same thing.

The wiring looks correct, maybe a little confusing with both black & red & blue wires connected to power & ground rails.

How was the standalone chip programmed? Bootloader, sketch?

yes the chip was programmed using bootloader and then a sketch of blinky. Actually it just started working ........ this time i was very very patient. the chip is taking almost 2 minutes though to work ....... problem with crystal?

Sounds like fuse setting issue, using internal 8MHz clock & divide by 8 enabled, so its running really slow. How did you bootload & set the fuses? I always use the IDE to burn the bootloader before doing anything just to set the fuses; even if I intend to overwrite the bootloader with a sketch later, the fuse settings will remain.

Hi Thanks for reply, it was a very silly issue. The chip was not able to make the connection properly. I pushed it a little harder and bam it worked. It also worked on my soldered board. I am using the chip to take input from ldr and potentiometer , comparing both of them and then driving a relay. Potentiometer is used to control the sensitivity of the ldr . Relay is further controlling a 240V power supply. The chip was very cheap 1.20$ , it came without a bootloader. I used the breadboard circuit to housed the IC and used my arduino board to load the bootloader ( arduino as isp) and sketch.

$1.20? What kind of part is it? I can't read it on my moniter.

Connection problem, yeah those can be a challenge to find sometimes.

Looks like an ATmega8A.