arduino stand alone

hi, i want to make this and have one question what is ic1 full name is it sn 7404? :)

yea its a hex inverter used to condition the rs232 signals from your pc to ttl happy levels for the arduino

Any “TTL-level (5V) hex inverter” chip with 7404 as the numeric part will probably work. Different vendors like to put different prefixes and suffixes on there, and depending on the exact logic family there can be letters in the middle as well. Digikey has about 80 different versions IN STOCK! Any of SN7404N, SN74LS04, SN74HC04, SN74HCT04, SN74AC04, MC74xx04 (motorola), M7404, and many, many more will work fine in that application. (and in particular, 74hc04 and 74ls04 are now easier to find and cheaper than a “real” 7404s these days…)