Arduino standalone problem

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to use an ATmega328 standalone with external 16 MHz crystal, but it doesn't work.
I firstly uploaded my sketch while the microcontroller was plugged to my arduino uno board, then took it out and plugged it to the breadboard. I connected everything using this pin mapping;

I also have 2 22pF caps to Gnd on the crystal pins, a 10K reset pin pullup resistor. Pretty much this thing is going on;
except that I don't use the voltage regulator, but instead I connected the Gnd and 5V from the board to the rails on the breadboard and then powered the board via USB.

Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? I also tried to do it without the AREF wire going to the 5V as some tutorials suggest but still nothing happens.

Thanks in advance.


Agreed. We need your full schematic to figure out what’s going on.

You are right, I should post a pic but I didn’t take one… Anyway this is it;

Your circuit looks fine .. you have no extra peripheral in your circuit to check either its working for not ..