Arduino Standalone with C#


This is my first post & I am also a newbie to Arduino - so please bear with me if I make mistakes. :(

I got an image processing application on C# - which runs fine on my Desktop (by fetching image from USB camera) & I could connect to Arduino Uno over serial port. My query is:

  • Is it possible to port this C# code on Ardunio - so that I can use the Uno to be a standalone device (with an on-board camera)?

My C# application basically captures images using a webcam, processes it using OpenCV & based on certain movements - it blinks few LEDs.

Your advise & guidance is much appreciated.

Unlikely. The compiled code for the PC will use system calls to the operating system. These will not be available on the Arduino.


Thanks Weedpharma

In the meantime, I went through the forum posts & as I understand (and as you advised), Arduino will not be able to handle the processing load. So, perhaps I will use an external source to drive the processing & inform Arduino over wireless/bluetooth to do the required actions.

Now, my task is to create a package - which should be small enough to be packaged together as single unit. I can't use a Desktop, not even a laptop. Any other suggestions - as what I could use to drive the image processing - yet, the device will be very small (raspberry is the only thought that comes - but anything else)?

You could use the Arduino Yun.

Thanks Mike - I had no idea on YUN, but will give it a go. Just ordered Raspberry, will add YUN to the list.