Arduino Starter Kit Comparison and 595 Simulator

Many of you have seen my Arduino Starter Kit reviews on the old forums. I don't know if it ever really made to light that I rewrote them and structured them in a much easier-to-use tool: This comparison chart is designed to help beginners whittle down which kits they are and are not interested in. You can drop kits out, hover over components for explanations, view larger images, etc.

Also, I've put together a 595 Shift Register simulator. While not strictly related to Arduino, I thought it would help novices understand how the 595 shift register worked by making it visually useful. That can be found here:

@Sircastor, Thanks for your great work on the Starter Sets. I have been looking at all of them and have bought quite a few, looking for good value for Arduino Workshops etc.

I was able to connect to several suppliers in China through my good friend there and we are now repackaging and selling 3 that I thought were best and good value. . Two of these sets come with ATMEGA328 boards (Open Source Copy of Arduino Duemilanove) and are about $40 and there's one with an Arduino MEGA compatible board. We are able to offer 2 or 3 shipping options, too.

They can be seen here:

Is your comparison still open? Any chance of including these? They are an excellent value.

For those who already have an Arduino and are looking for lots of added components, displays etc., We put together the set shown here: .

I am actively working on putting together Starter Sets of electronics components as we have direct access to the amazing SEG electronics market in Shenzhen. Meanwhile we are selling a few prepackaged sets of components here:

I'm not making any money on this yet, but hopes for the future!

Hey SirCastor,

Have you updated your comparison site recently, or is info available elsewhere?? I've been working on Starter Kits for over a year now and have a couple I think are great, including a really decent one for $32. I'll link to a couple here: The Low Cost one In heavy-duty box, "As seen on TV" (Actually as seen in MAKE Magazine..) Electronic Brick Starter Kit. Good for classroom, Makerspace etc. In heavy-duty box.

Let me know if there's a good place to put this kind of information these days...

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Hi, I finally got back to digging through the details of quite a few Starter Kits.

Here's my current comparison chart:

Please comment, critique, make suggestions!

An overall perspective on Starter Sets and their objectives is here:

This is all on the http://ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI which also has lots of Arduino How-To such as this:

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