Arduino Starter Kit Error Message

I have just purchased an Arduino starter kit and written my first sketch on page 37 of the 'projects book'. The sketch, shown below, was copied from the book but when I try to 'verify' the sketch line 2 becomes highlighted and I get an error message "expected unqualified-id before numeric constant"

1 int switchState = 0; 2 void setup() { 3 pinMode(3,OUTPUT); 4 pinMode(4,OUTPUT); 5 pinMode(5,OUTPUT); 6 pinMode(2,INPUT); 7} 8 void loop(){ 9 switchState=digitalRead(2); 10//not comment 11 if (switchState==LOW){ 12 //the button is not pressed

13 digitalWrite(3,HIGH); //green LED 14 digitalWrite(4,LOW); //red LED 15 digitalWrite(5,LOW); //red LED 16 } 17 else { // the button is pressed 18 digitalWrite(3,LOW); 19 digitalWrite(4,LOW); 20 digitalWrite(5,HIGH);

21 delay(250); //wait for a quarter second 22 //toggle the LEDs 23 digitalWrite(4,HIGH); 24 digitalWrite(5,LOW); 25 delay(250); //wait for a quarter second

26 } 27 } //go back to beginning of loop

Does anyone know what this means and how I can proceed? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

The line numbers in the book are NOT supposed to be typed in.

That was the problem alright- your help was greatly appreciated!