Arduino starter kit for 14 year old


My nephew is 14 and has shown good aptitude for programming. I think he will enjoy working on Arduino processors.

He lives in a remote place in India with not much access to electronics supplies. Can somebody recommend a good starter kit which has enough stuff to a. get him started and b. keep him hooked for a while with at least one or 2 substantial projects

Is there a starter kit on Amazon within $ 100 or so that i can buy him?

A point in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Bangalore, India

The Official Arduino Starter Kit is excellent, but don't see it on Amazon.

The SparkFun Inventors Kit is also very good.




forum user terry king has a web-shop which has good deals and interesting packages:

I have ordered from him in the past and was always satisfied. He is also accessible and communicative, I find --- you can probably contact him directly in this forum.

Ebay India ( ) has lots of cheap sensors and module. Search for: arduino (sensor,module) is the best value!

My brother bought thus kit, and that's the best value I've seen in an arduino starter pack! 52$, free shipping world wide.