Arduino Starter Kit, recommended tools?


If you're a complete novice like myself and buy a starter kit, then you also need tools. I actually specifically chose this kit rather than others and have it on the way because I wanted to force myself to get some experience with the practical aspects, ie soldering, measuring current and whatnot.

Would it be possible to post a list of recommended tools that I'll need to complete the starter projects, with some information about what's desirable on these tools. Ie I suspect a $10 eBay soldering iron isn't the best for the job, and I rather buy good but once than bad but twice!

Thank you

I recommend a multimeter for a start. A $10 yellow multimeter should be fine. Also make sure you don’t forget the leads on the 10A setting. The soldering iron might be fine, depending on how much you use it. Not much point buying a good iron if you’re just learning to solder. (imo) I am not sure what else is needed for this particular kit, but a good pair of pliers (small ones) and side cutters are the tools I use the most (and nail scissors for component legs). If you buy the iron don’t forget solder and soldering paste.

Couple of screwdrivers always come in handy… at least a small flat and small Phillips. You can often get those as a set of 5-6 different sizes.

Alternatively, Google and see what tool kits are available. There are nice ones made for PC repair folk like in the pics…