Arduino Starter Kit - What's next?

Hi everybody!

I know this is not the right section for this post, but I couldn’t find a better place…

I just finished to do all Arduino Starter Kit projects with success, as I already know C++ programming and I have some basis of electronics. It’s time to move on more complicated project, but I have no idea of where I can start… There is some book that comes after the book provided in the Kit? I would like maybe to expand Arduino functionalities (store data on SD cards, more complicated sensors, more complicated circuits,…). Anyone has some idea of how to continue my exploration of Arduino world?

Any suggestion would be great! Thank you! ; ).

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You could check out “30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius” by Simon Monk. Not sure if it is what you are looking for or not.

I have no relationship to this book or its author.

i think what you are looking for is arduino cookbook. search for it :wink:

One more: "Arduino Workshop" by John Boxall. Has project ideas including tech like GPS, RFID, etc.

Thank you for answering. I will look at your suggestions!

you can also learn a little more basics and tricks with the book Hacking Electronics by Simon Monk for me reading it cleared up a lot of things.

Hi, I am a newbie, plan to buy an Arduino Starter Kit for my kid, however I noticed there are different Arduino Starter Kits, from each of the distributors, one says flex, other beginners but the content seems different from the one to the other, also i noticed the majority comes without the Manual, I live in Switzerland by the way and wnat the maual in english

Can you help me?

Hi RMeli,

If your still looking for more & your a programmer then you should find the following books worth a read (if not already found) -

Programming Arduino Getting Started with Sketches

Although most of this may be a bit basic for you, and by now you may have covered most of it - it at least gives a good overall intro to programming the Arduino, touches writing to various memory areas & some useful tips .

However the latest book

Programming Arduino Next Steps: Going Further with Sketches

Does go into a lot more depth, especially the various ways of serial interfacing with the Arduino., and might be of more interest.

Hope this helps