Arduino startup failure

I have a Toshiba satellite running vista 32 service pack 2. I ran Arduino on it in the past. went to start the environment (0017) and nothing appeared to happen. checked the task manager, no program running, shecked the processes and javaw was running and slowly increasing memory usage. attempted second start and second version of javaw started, same result. killed both and tried bat file start. java environment started and .... thats all. loaded new version (0018) and tried again, this time I got the launch window and Arduino showed up in processes along with javaw then a Launch4j window popped up with message "an error occurred while starting the application. Invalid window handle." message. please offer any advice I desperately need this program running on this computer yesterday!!!!

I’m having the same problem on Windows 7 Home 32-Bit, have you found a solution?

not really, borrowed another computer for now. Hope you have better luck.