arduino + stepper + camera + help!

Dear all!

I have just bought my first arduino duemilanove board and look forward to completing a little project.

So here's my question for all you advanced users, I 'aim' to ::) connect the arduino board to a stepper motor so it can control it.. this is my first issue, i cannot find a simple guide (as im pretty new to this whole thing) to connect which pins etc.

then here comes the harder part i think.. find a image tracking software in arduino/processing to feed instructions to the stepper.

so in all a moving image would be able to be tracked by a camera on the top of the stepper!

im sorry if a similar issue has been raised as i cannot seem to find anything on here.. but please feel free to link or add any help!

thanks guys!

i have a step-syn 103H546 stepper motor arduino duemilanove atmega328

Do you have some sort of stepper motor driver for that stepper motor? It draws far too much current to be powered directly by the Arduino.

what would you suggest? sorry for my ignorance im totally new.

To drive the stepper motor:

Is the stepper motor to move the camera, or is it to move something else in response to something the fixed camera sees moving?

You're going to be hard-pressed to do much image-processing in the Arduino - have a look at RoboRealm to run on the PC.

ideally yes, say for example the camera is pointed at an animal, and the animal starts to move out of shot i would like the motor to turn the camera so the animal remains in shot!

thanks for the link, i will order one of these i think! :D

now i have: arduino board, easydriver stepper motor

anything else i need to consider?


another quick question is there anything in processing that does motion tracking?