Arduino Stepper Gauge Shield with overlays

Hi Everyone,

I want to show off a project and get some feedback on a stepper motor shield with RGB LEDs for an Arduino mini dash. I'm an engineer at a place that does custom and period themed instruments for hot rod and muscle cars, and had the overlays made as examples to see if there is an interest.

The dial portion of the overlays are lit using WS2801 IC with 3 RGB LEDs and the 3 icons are lit with a chain of WS2812 LEDs. Here's a demo video in the dark. The CPU and weather overlays have the color printed on, so they just change brightness. The airspeed overlay shows the full RGB effect. The CPU overlay has dead front icons, so you only see them when lit.

The stepper motor is a MR1109 that uses microstepping with the ATmegas PWM feature. I'm still getting the hang of arduinos, so there are some things that need to be fixed like variable pointer speed and putting it all in a library. I'm also still working on using LCDsmartie to pass data to the arduino to display the CPU load and weather data.

I had the circuit board made at and made the case with a stack up of laser cut acrylic. The shield uses 9 pins, so plenty left over to connect sensors or other shields. The board needs a few changes to make the backlighting more even, easier parts to solder and a better mounting scheme.

So let me know what you think or any questions!

Looks a cool project !

Thanks for sharing