Arduino + Stepper + LCD

Does anyone have a basic code for a Stepper motor with and easy driver controlled with an Arduino with an LCD displaying a program set. This will be controlled with a 16 position rotary dip switch.
Basically what I want to do is have a camera mounted to the top of a stepper motor and control the rotation
speed with the dip switch. (i.e setting one would be one step per minute and setting 16 would be 16 steps)
I have seen some youtube videos with such a set up, but nothing on the code. Any help would be great.
Thank you

This is going to be pretty specific to YOUR hardware. If you have any code that writes to the LCD, making it control the stepper, too, should be pretty simple.

If you have code to control the stepper, it should be pretty simple to make it write to the LCD, too.

If you have neither, get out of the pool, and go around to the shallow end, and start over.

This sounds a little too specific to be asking code for, like "I have a daughter that is dating this jerk at her high school, does anyone have some dirt on his so I could easily persuade my daughter to dump him?".

You will have to dig up the dirt yourself, although we can provide tips to help you.

First of all, have you purchased any hardware for this project yet and if yes, where are their web links (prefer spec sheets)?

For instance, there are a number of LCDs that are frequently used for arduino so you need to be very specific which one you have/or will buy.