Arduino stepper motor big and easy driveer

Hey guys! I need some help. Here is what i have. and

Here is what i have for setup.... I am using arduino uno. and the code im using for now is below. (i am using 9600 as well) on the driver board i have the following

GNd to ground on the arduino Step to Pin 10 Dir to pin 9 ----------------------------COILS A Black & Green +++++++++++++++++ COILS B Red & blue --------------------------GND to ground on power supply (computer power supply) M+ to positive ( or +) of power supply

what in the heck am i doing wrong?????Here is where i found the coil config ... otors.html

And the code config ... /?ALLSTEPS

As for the powersupply here is the info on that. @ 5v i have 22A max (this is what im using)

Here is a pic of the connector im using.

I am using paeripheral connector Red and black wire. and i have jumped the power supply and its on and running.

Can you guys help me out.

Copy and Pasting from the Sparkfun forums doesn't work so well, huh?

I replied to your Sparkfun post. Do you want help here or over there?