arduino stop sending data for a moment

Hi every one I make the Arduino to send the data to Visual studio via serial communication and it's work pretty well but somehow for a couple of minute later Arduino stop sending data to computer ?? Does it have anything to do with baudrate or any set up ? because I had check the connection with other code and it work fine

Any help or suggestion ? I really have no idea, Thank you very much

ps. 1. The sensor will read the data every time the sensor caught it 2. but if I change to send data from sensor by delay 0.5s nothing go wrong with the interfacing


Sounds like perhaps the computer is not keeping up.

Sounds like perhaps the computer is not keeping up/quote]

Could you define not keeping up? Is it some kind like my computer spec?

Not keeping up as in the data rate is too fast and it can't be processed quick enough by the receiving application.