Arduino stopped working

I have an Arduino Nano clone that has been working fine. But when I turned it on today the power led and the tx led light up and stay on and nothing else happens. The power led does not flash at all on power up or reset. Plugging into the computer, the ide recognizes the nano but won’t upload any sketches (the sketch times out, similar to if you have chosen an incorrect board or com port).
What have I done and can it be fixed?

Do you see the little magnifying glass at the top right of the screen ?

There seems to have been a lot of similar NANO issues and a few different fixes.
You might want to use that search feature and read some of the recent threads.


Power led does not flash. Pin 13 led should flash a few times at power up / reset.

Some more details would be nice.
Which OS
Which IDE version

Have you tried the 'old boot loader' option?