Arduino Store Does not work

When I click on the 'Checkout with Paypal' button on the basket, I get the 'my profile' page with a red 'Check Out' line at the top, but when I press 'Submit' at the bottom nothing happens, I've tried it with Firefox and Chrome ... what am I doing wrong??


Same issue here. Tried with IE10, FF and Chrome...

Any ideas?

I have the same problem, website problem? Please help us. (I try every day!)

fedepatte: Please help us.

Now it should be fixed, let me know if you are able to continue in the procedure or are still stuck on exotic error pages.

When ordering a product, after a successful checkout, the order number is not shown - all you see is: Your Order Number is:

This is probably not a critical issue, as the order number is shown correctly in the confirmation email, as well as under the 'Previous Orders' list under 'My Account Information', but should still be fixed at some point.

It seems to be working now!

I'm not able to check right now as I've sourced my immediate needs from another supplier.