Arduino Stored Procedure?????

Hello sir/madam, i have a question about stored procedure in arduino? is it possible? i heard that in php programming, most? of their queries and other methods are stored in the database. Since we you can put an SD card as external storage to the arduino will it be possible to store procedure/methods/functions?

Thanks in Advance... cheers from philippines... :)

Your question is tough to understand. I think you want to store Arduino code on the SD Card.

If that is the case, then: No, you can not put Arduino code on an SD Card and execute it.

You got my point. im sorry for my poor english. i was just thinking if it is possible. anyway, thanks for your quick response...

What you can do, which is pretty close, is use Bitlash to define and run your 'stored procedures'. Bitlash is a language interpreter than runs on the Arduino and can run either the built-in functions, additional functions that you implement in your Arduino sketch, or bitlash instructions stored in RAM, PROGMEM, EEPROM, SD cards etc.

wow, bitlash is cool. its like a scripting language. thanks for you info.