Arduino Super Strip [Yet another Powerstrip project]

I never touched an Arduino before. I do have some soldering experience from apprenticeship and forgot 99% of it already, but have friends that could handle that part in exchange for their own copy.

What I want to achieve: The once and for all, one and only power strip encompassing all the needs for an enthusiast PC system. That I can think off.


  • on/off for outlets through webAPI (remote starting up) and local relay switches - no need for a timer program (for me at least)

  • master/slave mode to handle essential periphery (monitors, hubs, etc) and cutting standby power once the main load is killed (read: PC shut down - cutting voltage on any slave and the connected pc)

  • Surge fuse for in/output cables on

  • Modem

  • phone

  • LAN

  • extended power (capacitor)

  • save shutdown the moment wall slot voltage drops (can be handled by closing the power button circuit on mainboard through a simple relay)

  • optional: short honk on a pietzo buzzer

  • optional: lcd for data (stored current in EPS, used power over time, current date & time (obtainable from a dedicated NTP host), etc)

Yes, I'm being a leech here. But I believe this to be interesting enough for everyone using the computer as much as I do, so I think it to be a good idea to bring this up here, in public, for everyone to contribute, discuss, critic and dismiss if bad.

The reason I want to handle this with arduinos? professional EPS'es are too expensive, too cumbersome and too... professional to handle by the average moron (me).