Arduino sutiable for remote data + web cam control?

While having extensive electronic knowledge, and a good Basic programmer, I have no arduino experience, so would appreciate a little help.

I want to create a remote solar-powered system that measured various parameters in either digital or 0-5v analogue values, (such as movement sensors or light detectors) and periodically take a webcam snapshot. This to be coupled to a mobile GPRS terminal through an RS232 connection to FTP the data and pix to a website. (security application for remote buildings).

Any suggestion as to which Arduino model/accessories would be most suitable welcome. Current consumption is critical, the lower the better.

A USB connection to enable a laptop to be plugged in for field testing/programming would be vital too.

Many thanks if you can help.


Arduino can do motion trigger and read sensor values also Supports Serial UART connection to devices but im not sure how to do standalone webcam support. There is USB host shield, and SD card shield to store data but i never used them. And i know some other project which uses OpenWRT compatible router to capture USB Webcam shots and tweets them.

Check it out:,19116.0.html