Arduino switch for seven 220v bulb

Hello there,

I have never done anything with 220v and arduino. Can someone please tell where to start from? I need to order the right components to get the thing started. I guess i need a relay and resistors but i don’t have a clue on which to get… i need to switch on and off 7 different 220v bulb, one at the time.

You should read up on what you need online. I assume this is for European mains? Because it is dangerous I'll suggest where to learn more.

You should go to the playground and read and do some experiments with simple DC on/off circuits using relays and transistors. Once you can do that then worry about lighting one AC light then you can work on lighting more.

The arduino can control a device if it will respond to +5VDC. In your case that would be either a solid state relay that takes 3-30vdc in and will turn on or off 220v out or a mechanical relay driven by a transistor.

The "SSR" will be able to handle a certain amount of voltage and current which you will need to know before you buy it. They are not cheap.

The relay has contacts that open and close when turned on or off. The relay has a voltage and current rating that will need to match what you are trying to control. They can be cheap.

I don't know exactly how much you generally know about electronics, but if you got very little, I would recommend to learn more before looking at 220V, but if you want to use use it now, I would go for something like this you just connect this to 5V, GND and a digital pin on the arduino, and it can then be opened or closed easily. This uses at atmel at89c2051 chip and accepts very simple commands over serial.

With a little effort you can use these with an arduino

They provide a schematic! The price is extremely reasonable. The schematic is priceless.