Arduino system that will run only in winter

Hi, I'm making arduino based mw link defroster project. It will be placed in remote location, as a control of heaters that will defrost mw link radomes. We will have alarm monitoring of device state thru existing client network (just alarm outputs from relays). Question is should I make arduino running all the time measuring temp and humidity and starting heaters or make it to start only in winter when device is needed obviously.

My dilemma is should I communicate with remote site device only to switch it on for additional cost of hardware vs running it all the year long, without additional cost of hardware.

I'm new to the forum so forgive me if i didn't follow some of your protocols. Tnx

If you have mains power available the small amount of energy used by an Arduino running continuously won’t matter compared to the value of protecting your system. It will have the added advantage that you could include code to give you a warning of an Arduino failure.


If you have it running continuously then it will be able to respond to any early in the season , unexpected temperature changes.

Thanks guys for a quick response. Your inputs were very helpful.